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Are you looking for a second income?   It’s a fact—just about everybody uses electricity or natural gas on a daily basis. That’s why Consultants who start a business with Ambit Energy have a strong advantage over traditional network marketing opportunities. Simply by helping friends, family and new contacts choose the energy product that’s right for them, Ambit Consultants have the potential to begin earning residual income immediately. 

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Getting Paid

 The best part: while you're helping others choose the right plan, you’re earning money for yourself.  Ambit Energy allows Ambit Consultants the possibility to earn free electricity.  

The Company

 Hear from Co-Founders Jere Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless as they discuss what led them to establish Ambit Energy, and about the values that drive the company today. 

Ambit Opportunity ambit consultant

Discovery how Ambit Energy can change your life.

Ambit Energy the Company

Getting Paid

Learn how Ambit Energy pays it's consultants.

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Discover how Ambit Energy can change your life.


Important message regarding earnings:

 Ambit Energy makes no guarantee or promise of income or business. Anyone considering building a full-time or part-time Ambit business should have realistic expectations of their potential income. Learn more at

Ambit Energy Rates and Plans
Ambit Energy Rates and Plans

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Learn how to start your business with Ambit Energy.

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Learn how you can succeed as an Ambit Energy Consultant.